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Ronda Wiggers
Principal Consultant

Raised on a farm in the heart of Montana's Golden Triangle, Ronda went on to attended school at the University of Montana.  She left the state long enough to determine that she likes humidity even less than wind.


Ronda is active in her community and church, assisting at school events, serving on the church education committee, as church council President, as a board member of the History Museum and Lions' club.


She has held many elected positions locally, statewide and nationally with the National Federation of Pachyderms.  She has served as a Governor appointee on the Montana Board of Housing and was elected to the Great Falls city study commission that developed Neighborhood Councils. 

Legislative Lobbying

Since 1991, Ronda Wiggers Consulting has guided numerous organizations and associations in their political and public relations. She has represented clients as diverse as county government, snowmobile associations, utilites, real estate and gaming.


Much of her current legislative focus is on tax, business, gaming and natural resource issues.


Ronda and her husband Kurt have three children.  After many years of chauffeur services, treat making, sports dinners and being their kid's biggest fans at football, wrestling, baseball and speech and debate, Ronda and Kurt are pleased to report that the kids are now all through college with successful careers..



"You don't manage people; you manage things.  You lead people."  -- Admiral Grace Hooper

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