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Having worked  on a number of successful statewide ballot measures, candidate and industry image campaigns, and legislative lobbying efforts, Ronda understands how to convey the client's key messages to the public.
Public Relations
On behalf of her clients, Ronda works to build coalitions with trade organizations, local governments, non-profits and recreational groups throughout the state.
Here, Ronda visits with Montana Farm Bureau President, Bob Hanson about water issues.



Issue Management


Ronda has assisted the gaming industry in Montana to ward off an initiative campaign proposing to eliminate their industry.  Through the development of a positive public image campaign, the industry has rebranded themselves in a positive light.  Ronda worked with the client to create a Gambling Hotline and to fund treatment counseling throughout the state.  She currently chairs one of the non-profits that helps fund these activities.

Initiative Campaigns
I-145, I-147 and I-186
Ronda served as State Field Director, co-ordinating all of the grassroots campaign, local presentations and multitude of public events.  Ronda, and the team at Environomics were successful in defeating  I-145  and   I-186.
I-147 presented the team with a new set of challenges as they attempted to overturn a previous ballot measure banning gold mining in Montana.  Ronda successfully ran the signature gathering campaign prior to taking over as State Field Director.
Ronda has also been successful in the campaign to prevent two different anti-business ballot measures from qualifying for the ballot.


"There are so very few times in life when you can actually change the world.

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